What's Florida Big Dog Rescue All About, Anyway?

We Are All About The Special Needs Kids!

Our Commitment to Saving the Lives of Shelter Dogs

Founded in 2005, Florida Big Dog Rescue, a 501c3,  is committed to saving the lives of shelter dogs. We are volunteer staffed and managed, and all of our adoptable animals are in  foster homes throughout the Tampa Bay area. For many of the dogs in our program, we were their only hope - either because they had a medical issue prohibiting adoption from a shelter, or because they needed extra training or behavior modification to be good citizens. Our volunteer foster homes have been instrumental in their commitment to the dogs, and have followed medical and training protocols carefully to assure that the dogs have every advantage when they transition to their forever homes.

In 2012, we began adding small dogs to our program, as we were discouraged by so many being labeled "aggressive" in the shelter environment, thus, unadoptable to the public. Because we recognized that it was the environment, not the temperament, of the dog creating the behavior, we saved over thirty small dogs in the first half of that year. In July of 2012, we recreated ourselves as Florida Big Dog Rescue and Their Little Friends.
We are always looking for new volunteers and foster families, and encourage you to come to one of our events, or contact us here, to find out more about this rewarding opportunity. Fostering saves lives!